Kreme CEL22

Disclaimer first

This artwork is fan made, unofficial but created with love, sincerity and deepest care. The PRN Estate and Paisley Park are not affiliated, associated, or connected with me or 9T99/9T99art, nor has it endorsed or sponsored me or 9T99/9T99art. The PRN Estate and Paisley Park has not licensed any of its intellectual property to me or 9T99/9T99art.

Coronavirus update

Shipping in corona times still is a challenge. Please note that your items are shipped from the Netherlands or Germany (depending on what you ordered). If you're in Europe, I'm not expecting problems. If you're ordering from US, Canada, Australia, please keep in mind that some delay might occur. I appreciate your patience. Also note that tracking info does not guarantee next day delivery :-)


All items are shipped from either Germany or the Netherlands.
All items default shipping: regular air mail, no tracking info, not insured. Tracking options available.
Insured items only: in case of severe damage upon arrival, contact me to receive free replacement copy of the damaged items.

CELEBRATION 2022 - These special offers only valid June 1-15

Prints 12x12