Coronavirus update

Please note that shipping in corona times is a challenge.
Some parcels have even been returned.

If you're in Europe, I'm not expecting problems.
If you're ordering from US, Canada, Australia, keep in mind that I cannot ship to these areas right now. I'll gladly keep your order in a dry and safe place and ship it after this ends. I have no idea when that might be though!

Limited edition, signed prints of selected items on this website.

Currency switcher: default pricing = USD ($), other rates depend on misc. exchange rates (updated daily)


What u should know

All items are shipped from either Germany or the Netherlands.

Books default shipping: registered mail, inc. tracking info and insurance.
Other items default shipping: regular air mail, no tracking info, not insured.

Insured items only: in case of severe damage upon arrival, contact me to receive free replacement copy of the damaged items.